Company makes hair wigs gift for cancer patients in Nyeri

Nyeri, Kenya: About 50 women who are cancer survivors in Nyeri county has a reason to smile after a donation wisher high quality for wigs after losing her hair to chemotherapy.

MICORE International Company donated 42 hair wigs for chemotherapy patients in a campaign to support breast cancer survivors in the area.

Speaking at the ceremony held in the premises of Nyeri Hospice, founder Wangari hair MICORE International Company Maryanne said wigs were given in an effort to give women hope in the fight against cancer.

"We are a hair and beauty products based in Nairobi and we intend to visit cancer centers and provide wigs in our campaign to show their support in the fight against cancer," said Wangari.

Breast Cancer Survivor Elizabeth Njeri said that for women struggling against cancer, hair loss and breast is one of the most traumatic experiences of their treatment. "The hair of a woman is her crown and beauty and for most cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss is a blow to their self-esteem and many of us are forced to hiding his head under scarves and hats, "said Njeri.

Njeri, who is also the coordinator of the support group for breast cancer survivors, said the stigma compounds hair loss in patients with cancer. "Many women face rejection by family and hair loss is even worse for women who now feel ashamed because they feel more beautiful and feminine," said Njeri.

Nyeri referral hospital nurse in charge of the palliative care unit, Lydiah Warui County explained that the chemotherapy drugs used to treat and kill cancer cells, and high toxicity and, unfortunately, this leads to different side effects .

"As part of our assessment, we often say that women 90 percent of patients lose their hair and some women refused to undergo treatment because of this side effect," said Warui.

She said it is not easy for many women to accept any changes in physical appearance, sometimes so radical that the loss of her breasts for surgery. "Many women assume they have hair but for patients with cancer is not an option, baldness is a fact that has to bear, some of them have the hair grows back after cancer," said Ms. warui.

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Why Don't Hair Transplants Work for Women?

Acres shares were devoted to male celebrities who have undergone surgery hair transplant recently . But he has also been an increase in the number of women who seek advice on technical surgical hair restoration to fight against the effects of female pattern baldness too.

However, many experts believe that although surgery hair loss can lead to spectacular regrowth in some cases for women success rates are much lower in general. The results of the hair transplant surgery can vary for men and women as clearly demonstrated by Wayne Rooney who has undergone multiple operations.

Fortunately, there are other treatments that may be more useful in promoting natural hair regrowth for men and women.

Tips to Stop Hair Loss and Thinning

Hair loss is something that affects millions of men and women, so you 're not alone if you notice a receding hairline or thinning patches before you're 30. Excessive hair loss or thinning has many reasons as there are many high-level treatment options that range from the - counter medications for laser treatment for hair growth.

Vitamins for Hair Growth for Women

Vitamins for hair growth for women are looking hot these days. This is because more and more women lose their hair due to various causes, the aging process to a medical or genetic condition. There are various specific medical remedies that produce good results, depending on the cause of hair loss. However, experts point out that women should not overlook the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet. The same foods that are good for your overall health are also good for improving hair growth.

B12 Hair Loss Vitamin - The Key To Hair Growth

Worldwide , hair loss is a very common and familiar problem of people nowadays. And it has always been a request if power can really affect hair loss and other hair conditions. But due to the fact that nutrients are transferred to the hair through the bloodstream, it indicates that the deficiency of important vitamins our body. In addition, loss of hair vitamin is essential to have a healthy hair effect and avoiding hair loss. A balanced diet is essential to provide sufficient nutrients, vitamins and minerals in every part of our body quantities. Without proper nutrition, it can cause hair loss. 

Best Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

A number of people go through baldness period of their lives. The good news is different vitamins for hair already on the market that can help in healing long-term condition your hair fall. Among the reasons for male pattern baldness that many people do not really know is the expected scarcity of hair vitamins.

Cause of Trichotillomania

The term " trichotillomania " comes from the Greek words " thrix " , which means " hair " and " Tillein " which means "pull" and "mania" , the Greek word for "madness " or " frenzy ". As its name implies trichotillomania is a psychiatric disorder in which a person has an uncontrollable urge to pull his own hair. for people with trichotillomania , hair pulling is more than usual. rather it is a compulsive behavior that the person is very difficult to stop. tricholomania the cause is supposed to be the balance of chemicals in the human brain.

How To Treat Cure Alopecia

I was a victim of the condition alopecia for many years . Like all people with alopecia we search for how to treat hair loss and its remedies in the hope that soon we can return to a full head of hair. It is only recently I won the battle , so I decided to write here about how I treat alopecia and remedies that actually work for me for other people with alopecia.

how to treat hair loss

The desire to avoid hair loss is not limited to our time. In ancient Egypt, men used to rub fat from crocodiles, snakes, lions and other animals on their heads in the hope of preventing or treating hair loss. Julius Caesar and Napoleon also experienced hair loss and tried to conceal it by growing long hair in the back and painting pass over their heads. Today, this motivation to avoid balding is still evident.

best Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can occur in both men and women at any age. Many men experience a receding hairline for twenty years and women begin to notice a thinning right behind their hairline from a very early age as well . Most people begin to see dramatic hair loss during their middle age years and become desperate to find an effective treatment for hair loss. There are many different opinions on whether or not there are actually products that can reverse hair loss . Most will agree that the prevention of hair loss is more likely to be possible, but an effective treatment for hair loss is something that many skeptics and very optimistic.

Hair Loss and Pregnancy

After the baby is born, however, the extra hair is gradually released, and hair loss after pregnancy is much more pronounced than it was before or during pregnancy.

This is normal, so do not worry about it. It might take a year for the hair to return to its normal rate of fall, a few strands at a time. Therefore, if you experience hair loss after pregnancy do not worry. It is normal and the result of your hormones gradually readjusting to their normal state before pregnancy.

Sudden Hair Loss

Often people do not realize how stress affects physical health as well as hair health. However, it affects the overall health of the individual. This does not mean that stress is always bad. Sometimes stress is good for an individual focused towards an approach and decide better. In fact, some people perform better under pressure and are much better. Stress at some level is good, but there are no fixed parameters to establish at what level is good but sever stress leads to a disease like anxiety, sudden hair loss and other physical health problems. Many people associate stress directly with sudden hair loss.

Best 10 Tips on How to Reduce Hair Loss

Your hair enhances your overall personality and reflects your health too. But , healthy hair and scalp needs proper care right from the beginning . If you neglect your hair for long, it can become brittle with - split ends and can also cause dandruff. You can even experience premature hair loss if proper precautions are not taken.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem that many people face around the world. There are many reasons behind hair loss. Look at some of the major causes and their remedies :

Hormonal problems may cause hair loss. If your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, the problem of hair loss suffer. This hair loss usually can be cured by treatment thyroid disease. Hair loss may occur if androgens (male hormones) or estrogens (female hormones) are out of balance. The clinical treatment of hormone imbalance may stop the hair loss.

Vitamins and Hair Loss

Vitamins are necessary for a healthy body and healthy hair. Different vitamins contribute to maintain your body metabolism and hair growth . These also prevent your hair from falling . It is therefore very important for you to take different vitamins in your daily diet in sufficient quantity. Some of the most important and minerals that are necessary in maintaining your hair growth vitamins are biotin , folic acid, magnesium, sulfur, zinc and inositol.

Women suffering from hair loss need support

hair loss support
There are many men who suffer from hair loss who struggle with the situation now were in. However , there are many women who are in a similar situation. Women and hair loss does not seem to go together, but if you're one of the many women who have experienced this kind of problem can be as important to get the support and treatment.

The truth is that many women feel that they are alone in this . While there are many women who suffer from hair loss of some kind during their lives, everyone knows someone else we can use in this situation. Even if we have supporters and family members who do not understand exactly what it is like to go through this situation friends.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur in Women

Whenever we hear of hair loss usually think of men to get a patch of baldness or a receding hairline . But hair loss in women occurs as well, and can be as stressful as it can be for men.

There are many reasons why a woman may start to lose their hair . The first reason can be called a hormonal hair loss because it is related to the level of hormones in the body. Some women find that their hair thinning when they are pregnant , simply because of changes in hormone levels in your body . Women who take birth control pills may also experience hair loss in this way, even if it does not affect everyone who takes the drug. Hair loss in women can also occur as a result of hormonal enter menopause.

How women deal with hair loss problem

hair loss problem
Who do you think when you hear the word hair fall ? Chances are very good that you already have an image of a middle aged man who begins to sag. Maybe he was given a crew cut to hide the fact that he will bat . You probably do not even consider the idea of ​​women with hair loss.

However, there are many women out there who are struggling with this exact problem. There are many reasons why women lose their hair, just as there are men . But anyway , it may be more emotional and scary for a woman, because we are not used to seeing a woman without hair or reverse or thinning hair.

Hair Loss problem in Women

Have you ever noticed that the problem of any type of transaction easier when you know more about it? It is seldom easy to solve a problem without knowing you need, and this hair loss is applied against women.

Hair loss is a big problem for men and women. But there are many reasons why a woman can lose hair . The key is to know what those reasons are and get a proper diagnosis of the problem in each case. Even when you finally get a diagnosis that research should consider the diagnosis to learn more about it. It can make a big difference in how you deal with it and how the question of the approach now.